Tuition Fees

books.jpgOur fees usually range from €699 to €799 euros for each online natural medicine course – this is for the stand-alone natural medicine courses.

If you pay for the course fully in advance then you will benefit from a 20% discount (as marked on the site).

This fee includes all materials as displayed on the detail page of each course. Most courses have a postage fee of €25 – €35.

Online Natural Medicine Courses
Bachelors of Science in Holistic Medicine – BSc (HM)
Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine – DSc (HM)
Masters Degree in Iridology
Doctorate Degree in Iridology

Fees are pay-as-you-go – so you only pay for the online natural medicine courses you take at any one period of time – there are no additional expenses and all course material and books is included in the price.


There is also an easy payment installment plan to help spread the payments, paying a set fee per month for each course. The installment plan has a 5% surcharge and is split over a period of four months.

A course that costs €699 plus postage of €25, has a 5% surcharge and equates to €190 per month for 4 months.

Further answers to questions can be found in the FAQs section of the website.

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