Testimonials – Dr Konstantinos Christidis

I have just completed the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine course from the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine and it was a great and rewarding experience. I believe that is one of the best distance learning colleges because it provides the students with many different tools and knowledge of different healing and diagnostic modalities to use in their clinical practice.

The courses have been a lot of hard work, constantly stretching me, but it has also been tremendous fun. It was also challenging and tough to balance work and study, however the course was flexible enough to allow me to work and complete the DSc (HM) degree.

Furthermore, it was my honour to work with Dr. George Georgiou at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center in Cyprus, during my clinical practicum, where I had the opportunity of learning the IDEL Diagnostic Programme which is probably one of the best wide-ranging health check-ups of holistic medicine in the world.

I highly recommend this program especially for working professionals who wish to further their careers.

Dr. Konstantinos Christidis, BSc, BEng (Hons), MSc, MPhil, Ph.D, D.Sc(HM)

Testimonials – Tatiana Nikolaeva

Dr. George took me through a very comprehensive diagnostic programme that is unique to the Da Vinci Center of Holistic Medicine called the IDEL Diagnostic Programme. This not only helped me to understand my own health challenges, but also understand how the complete model of Holistic diagnostics can be applied to any patient, but particularly those that suffer with chronic, degenerative diseases.

This clinical practicum is to be highly recommended to all students as it helps to add the cherry on the cake and in a short period of time the student will be guided in how to begin applying all the theoretical work in practice. I would therefore like to thank Dr. George for the undivided attention he gave me throughout my stay, as well as generously sharing much of his knowledge and clinical skills with an empathic care and open heart.

Testimonials – Joseph Bruno

In my years studying as an undergraduate in New Jersey City University in The United States, I learned that knowledge grows with humility, dedication, and an open mind.

While taking the “Live Blood Analysis” course I was able to apply the tools I gained in classes such as microbiology, cell biology, and biochemistry. This Course was wonderful in the way it depicted the world of Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis. I gained the knowledge I needed for my future goals. Furthermore, in my long search in the web I found that this course offers a program that no other institution offers at the present time. In conclusion I would like to end with a Bible verse: Exodus 15:26 states The Creator of The Universe is our healer.

Joseph Bruno

Testimonials – Kelly Finlayson

I enjoyed my experience taking courses from Da Vinci College of Natural Medicine for the Doctorate of Holistic Medicine. The classes were very well thought out; fun to take and I learned an enormous amount about various aspects of Natural Medicine. Information was relevant and very interesting. The staff continued to be encouraging, helpful in all aspects and pushed me to finish my courses and paperwork, for which I am very grateful for all of their support.

If you have ever thought of learning about Holistic Medicine, even if you have never taken an on-line course or are already a Holistic Practitioner, I would recommend starting a course with Da Vinci – you will not be disappointed and will learn to expand the way you think about your health and well-being.

Kelly Finlayson

Testimonials – Jonathan Wong

I am honoured to have qualified with the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine from the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine. The Doctoral course is well-rounded and practical, allowing the practitioner to use multiple aspects of diagnosis and treatment in their practice.

The IDEL Diagnostic Programme that I had the opportunity of testing during my clinical practicuum at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center is probably the most comprehensive health check in the world.

I highly recommend that all doctoral students should spend at least a week with Dr Georgiou at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center in Larnaca, Cyprus to get a good practical overview of everything that they have learned in theory, as well as learning other diagnostic and therapeutic gems that one would never find in books anywhere.

The experience was truly eye-opening and extremely educational. I will be using this comprehensive approach to help clients at my gyms get even better results as they find, and remove blockages to health.

Jonathan Wong, DSc (HM) – Singapore

Testimonials – Simon Dewalt

Anatomy and Physiology Distance learning courses

Wow, this is a powerful course with excellent material to cover the A – Z of anatomy and physiology to a depth required by most students of complimentary and alternative medicine. I have taken a couple of other anatomy and physiology courses but this one comes out tops due to its interactive nature with interactive images, videos, 3-D anatomy images and a lot more.

Simon Dewalt, Singapore

Testimonials – Despoina Kontaxi

Studying at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine was an uplifting experience. The faculty is always willing to help you in a truly caring and professional manner. The topics or modules are the best in their field and cover a wide range of topics not often found in other degree courses.

For me, Da Vinci is the best on line college for studying Holistic Medicine because what you get in knowledge is really worth the hours you spend studying. All of this is always done at your own pace having the guidance of qualified professionals that make you perform at your best.

I am really thankful to be a Doctoral graduate of Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, because I am sure, in the years that will come, having studied here will be a blessing. Thank you Da Vinci and faculty for everything!

Despoina Kontaxi

Testimonials – Alison Saddler

Thank you for a wonderful Anatomy & Physiology course – I loved it! I found the course fascinating and very educational. The material covered is very detailed and comprehensive. I now have an excellent foundation to build on and am looking forward to taking my next course through Da Vinci College. Thanks again!

Alison Saddler, USA

Testimonials – John McDonald

Interactive and Exciting Anatomy and Physiology Course

This is one of the best distance-learning anatomy and physiology courses on the web. The course covers all aspects of anatomy and physiology of the whole body, and the interactive java and videos make the course really exciting and interesting. I loved learning through this course and it gave me a lot of confidence to continue with the rest of my courses now that I had a good basis to build on. I would recommend this course to any serious student of the biological sciences or natural medicine.

John McDonald, UK

Testimonials – Phedon Georgiou

Bach Flower Remedies course – one of the best!

I really enjoyed taking your Bach Flower Remedies distance learning course – it was a real eye-opener regarding how many subtle emotions people have to balance to be well. The course was laid out in an easy-to-read and learn fashion that made learning enjoyable and stimulating.

I enjoyed downloading the old books and reading these – they are real treasures. I also enjoyed watching the videos too.

Posted by Phedon Georgiou, Cyprus

Testimonials – Afiaa, Jordan, Quatar

Bach Flower Remedies distance learning Courses

It was a privilege for me to take this distinguished course, as it opened my eyes to a whole new world and changed my way of thinking and understanding of human beings, nature and life itself.

I became more aware of things around me, I became more sensitive, interacting better and caring for people around me and feel, thanks to Bach flower Remedies that I can add something worthy to this life by helping people heal themselves and others.

Thank you Dr. Bach; Thank you Da Vinci Holistic Health College!

Posted by Afiaa, Jordan, Quatar

Testimonials – Howard Freisen

Clinical Nutrition distance learning course of repute!

There are many distance learning and online nutrition courses, but very few that are academic and based on science. This nutrition course is very academically challenging and everything is backed by scientific studies, making it one of the best nutrition courses that I have ever seen or taken. There is a lot of material to cover regarding every aspect of the body and what you can do using nutrition and supplements to optimize funcitoning. This is truly an excellent course!

Posted by Howard Freisen, UK

Testimonials – George Papadopoulos

Nutriton Course by distance learning – real science!

I think that your clinical nutrition course is excellent and has helped me to understand a lot about how nutrition can help my patients – I have been working as a homeopath for a long time but now I can confidently recommend nutritional advice to my clients knowing that they will improve even further. Thanks for putting together such an excellent and scientific course!

Posted by George Papadopoulos, Greece

Testimonials – Mary Queen

Homeopathic Medicine Distance Learning Diploma Courses

I have just completed this wonderful homeopathic medicine diploma course through distance learning as I am a busy full-time mother. I have learned so much and really enjoy using homeopathy with my children now that I know how to prescribe – the results are really amazing!

I am so pleased that I took this course and now I am seriously thinking of continuing with the Bachelors of Science in Holistic Medicine at the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine.

Posted by Mary Queen, USA

Testimonials – John Bishop

Excellent online distance learning herbal medicine course

This is the second herbal medicine course that I have taken as part of my holistic medicine course and it really was intellectually challenging with rich material on all aspects of herbal medicine.

The online material is stimulating and interactive and the excellent book takes you step-by-step through everything with ease.

Posted by John Bishop, UK

Testimonials – Dr. Joan Siddick

Live Blood Analysis Distance Learning Courses

Over the years I have taken a number of courses in Live Blood Analysis both taught and by distance, but this course really impresses me. It is the first time that I have had the opportunity to learn what the traditional microscopists have accepted as “science” – important if one is working within “legal” parameters, as well as the Enderlein perspective running in parallel, but altogether separate.

The images are excellent, so are the videos and the downloadable .pdf files of practitioner and patient handouts. The new material never met before such as “Time Lapse Decay” is very interesting. This is definitely the best Live Blood Analysis distance learning course that I have ever seen and is to be recommended to all serious students.

Posted by Dr. Joan Siddick, USA

Testimonials – Scott Jonas

Live Blood Analysis Course – Excellent!

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Live Blood Analysis course – rarely do I get a “Distinction” in courses that I take, but this was so interesting that I could not help learn more and more.

The way the course is put together has obviously been carefully thought out and Dr. Georgiou’s experience and holistic perspective makes this course truly “scientific” in its approach with many references to back it up. I have no hesitation in recommending this challenging Live Blood Analysis course to any student who really wants to learn about this topic.

Posted by Scott Jonas, Spain

Testimonials – Dr. Graham Hutt

Pathology and Disease Distance Learning Course

This is a unique course as the pathology section has been written by a medical doctor who is also a practitioner of natural medicine practitioner. The Pathology and Disease course is very interactive with many case examples and quizzes to keep your mind active and alert. The material covered is comprehensive and you will learn a lot about differential diagnosis. This is one of the top courses in this category.

Posted by Dr. Graham Hutt, Spain

Testimonials – Jenny Brown

Look At Your Blood

Studying the Diploma of Live Blood Analysis through the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine gave me access to extensive learning material, compiled from the knowledge base of both a conventional health and natural health perspective.

This approach equipped me with broad knowledge and understanding to help apply Live and Dry Blood Microscopy to my professional health practitioner abilities, linking further the unique approach of combining Live and Dry Blood Microscopy, Raw and Living Food Nutrition and natural health awareness with my conventional nursing knowledge to advise, support and encourage my clients towards better health.

Jenny Brown RN, BSc (Hons), DipLBA, CRN

Testimonials – Christine Marmoy

Having just finished my Bachelors of Science in Holistic Medicine with the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine,  I’m thrilled to share my experience. The various courses were taken online which allowed me flexibility, given my heavy schedule and commitments, but also the time to research in great depth each subject. The platform used to perform each test was very user friendly.
Towards the end of my studies, I also spent one week spent at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre in Cyprus allowing me to link the theory learned to the practice of holistic medicine. This clinical week was very rich in experience and I highly recommend this program to whomever is looking for a ‘closer to Nature’ way to help the world heal.