Prof Bryan Marcia

Prof Bryan Marcia


Prof Bryan Marcia earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Iridology from the University of Health Sciences (Accredited) – Honolulu, Hawaii December 15th, 1994. He took classes from UHS Faculty Director Dr. Bernard Jensen with Dr. Donald Bodeen as his Core Faculty Advisor.

Prof Bryan Marcia, Ph.D. was founder and director of Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute from 1995-2010 while living in Canada. Bryan lectured as an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, DC, USA from 2000-2006 and was awarded Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Natural Medicine on June, 2006.

Career Objectives

To build and support the international health and medical communities by offering educational opportunities in iridological training and iridodiagnostic research services.
To promote health and well-being for all people through education, research, service and public awareness through the utilization of the Iridological analysis sciences.
Sustain excellence in iridology education, research and development by fostering public awareness of health and disseminate scientific information through publications, faculty colloquium, education course development and fellowship with other Iridological Institutions throughout the world.


– University of Health Science, Honolulu, HI., Doctor of Philosophy in Iridology – December 15, 1994C
– Concentrations: Computerized Iridology Analysis Research and Development
– Doctoral Dissertation: The Development of Computerized Iridology Analysis Reports for Public Health Education
– Faculty Advisor: Dr. Donald Bodeen

Publications & Research

– Capital University of Integrative Medicine(CUIM): Iridodiagnostic Evaluation Study; 2002-2003. Evaluation of iris analysis study at Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C.
– Computers and Iridology: 1997-2003 Topic: Advantages of computer iridodiagnostic technologies over previous versions of iridological examinations used at Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute.
– Genetic Features of the Iris; 2003; Genetic factors central to Iridology.
– Diagnostic Research & 3-D Spectrography; 2000-Current. Using spectrum plot windows to display the mean spectrum for the file associated with the displayed image.
– Hospital Physician November Issue; Review of Clinical Signs; Clinical reference; 2001: Ocular Signs of Hyperlipidemia by Frank L. Urbano, MD.
– Iris Pigments, 1996 – Clinical Manual
– Fundamental Signs of the Collarette , 1996 – Clinical Manual
– The Autonomic Nerve Wreath; 2000
– Iridodiagnostic Exam Procedures; 2000
– Integrative Iridology Chart; 2000
– Conjunctiva Signs; 2000
– Constitutional Classification Via the Eye, 1996
– Heterochromias of the Iris; 2001
– Structural Signs of the Iris; 2001
– Toxic Dystrophic Signs in the Iris; 2001
– Adaptive Rings and Arcs; 2001
– Pigment Spots in the Iris; 1998
– Pupils and Pupillary Symptoms; 2000
– Integrative Iridology Professional, 2000-Ongoing – Educational Software
– Health is in the Eye of the Beholder? Discovery Channel Review – 1998
– Eye on Iridology ePublications, 1996-2010. – Quarterly Publication – Numerous research articles
– Current: Development of iridodiagnostic software for integrated healing arts.


– 1st Congres International d’Iridologie – Brussels, Belgium. 2000
– Topic: Iridology – The Science of Hereditary Biology
– 2nd International Congress of Iridology – Thessoliniki, Greece. 2001
– Topic: Iris Diagnostic Research & 3-D Spectrography
– Capital University of Integrative Medicine –Washington, D.C., 2001-2006
– Topic: Iridodiagnostics
– China Health Symposium – Beijing, China, 2009
– Topic: Eye diagnosis in China, a lost tradition.
– Iridology five day Lecture Symposium, Shenzhen, China, 2009
– Topic: Integration of Eastern and Western IridologicalPhilospophies.
– Two day Iridology Symposium, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan – 2010
– Topic: Introduction to biometric detection of the eye, pupil and collarette using specialized algorithms.
– Two day Iridology Symposium, Cebu City, Philippines – 2010
– Topic: Introduction to biometric detection of the eye, pupil and collarette using specialized algorithms.
– Iridology five day lecture Symposium, Singapore, 2009 & 2010
– Topic: Introduction to Russian iridodiagnostic modalities.

Academic Advisor:

– Iridology Asia Association, Singapore
– Eastern Iridology Association, China

Currently, Prof. Bryan Marcia is a dedicated scientist involved with continued research and development in the Iridological sciences and teaches the science of iridology and Iridodiagnostics to health professionals throughout the world. Prof. Bryan currently is also primary in the development of the world’s most clinically accurate iridodiagnostic software for healing art integration.

He is the main tutor for the Iridology course offered by the Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine.

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