Holistic Courses

Diploma Courses

The Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine offers 3 levels of study to cover the needs of all who want to study Holistic Medicine:

1. Stand alone, distance learning Diploma Courses in many different topics – these distance learning courses can be taken by individuals interested in these topics, or by existing practitioners who wish to expand their diagnostic and therapy modalities.
2. Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine – BSc (HM) – this is a unique series of natural medicine courses that are rarely found in schools and colleges of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) or Natural Medicine.
3. Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine – DSc (HM) – this is an extension of the BSc (HM) but can also be taken by existing pracitioners who want to get a broader base of diagnostic and healing modalities.

Fees for all these courses will be seen as soon as you click on the links above.

Check out the FAQs for responses to other questions.

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