Dr Philip Choy, B.Sc., D.Sc.(NM), N.D, D.O.

PhilipWDr. Philip Choy  B.Sc., D.Sc.(NM), ND, DO

President of HK Academy of Naturopathy

Naturopathic Physician (ANMCB, USA)

Osteopath (OCO, Canada)

Board Director of Asian Osteopathic Association

Faculty member of Osteopathic College of Ontario

Psych-K Facilitator (Preferred Affiliate)

Fitgenes Certified Trainer (Australia)

Clinical Nutritionist (NHI, PRC)

Child Care Practitioner (MOLSS, PRC)

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Associate Professor of Wah Har College – Institute of Complementary, Alternative

Bioresonance Practitioner (Deta Elis Professional, UK)

Bio-Science Director of Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre

Advisor of Swiss Rejuvenation – MaloClinic (2014)

Professional Member of ANMA

Associate Member of AANP

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