Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine – Curriculum

Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine – Curriculum

Here is a summary of the curriculum for the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine – D.Sc (HM).

Any courses that have already been covered in the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine need not be repeated again.

For the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine there are 8 modules required in total for completion, plus the Doctoral Dissertation. Seven of these are from the Compulsory List, and one topic is chosen from the Elective List – making 8 modules in total, along with the Doctoral Dissertation and the clinical practicum which is also compulsory.

As each student will be somewhat different, depending on their previous education and what electives they may have chosen, the following curriculum is only an example – the Enrollment Agreement that is sent to each student before embarking on the Doctoral degree will detail exactly the requirements:

v Clinical Nutrition – Part 2
v Live Blood Analysis
v Holistic Psychology
v Naturopathic Medicine – Part 2
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA603)
v Iridology
v Homeopathic Medicine

ELECTIVE LIST – choose ONE topic from the following:
Naturopathic Medicine – Part 1
Clinical Nutrition – Part 1
Herbal Medicine
Naturopathic Sexology (NS503)

Detoxification & Toxicology
Bach Flower Remedies
Energy Medicine and Bioresonance
Urinalysis and Body Fluids (UR601)
Sclerology (SC602)
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA603)
Anatomy and Physiology
Pathology for Natural Medicine
Nutritional Genetics and Epigenetics
Su Jok Therapy

Students that are coming into the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine directly, given that they have already been awarded a Bachelors or Masters degree at other colleges and universities will have their previous education assessed and an Enrolment Agreement prepared that will detail all the 8 courses that are required for the completion of the D.Sc (HM). It is a simple case of sending your C.V or resume to

A compulsory requirement for the D.Sc (HM) is the 30,000 word (approx 100-pages) DOCTORAL DISSERTATION.

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In addition to these requirements there is the CLINICAL PRACTICUM that also needs to be completed before being awarded the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine.

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