The Science of Natural Healing – Part 1 Course

The Science of Natural Healing – Part 1 course investigates the Natural paradigms available to heal the body and the optimize health.


The Science of Natural Healing – Part 1 Course



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The Science of Natural Healing – Part 1 Course

These are the specifications of the Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine’s

The Science of Natural Healing – Part 1 course:

1. Awarding Institution / Body: Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
2. Teaching Institution: Online and distance learning, with tutor support
3. Programme Accredited by: School of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, University of America, USA
4. Final Award Compulsory course for students enrolled in the Bachelors in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine
5. Programme title: The Science of Natural Healing – Part 1 course
6. Course Code and level: BNHM6015
7. Duration of programme: One trimester or 12 weeks
8. Total number of study hours: Equivalent to 6 US credits or 90 clock hours of study
9. Enrollment requirements: Students enrolled in the Bachelors in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine
10. Enrollment date: First Year, Third Trimester
11. Fees: Full payment: €420 Euros; Installment plan: €148 per month for 3 monthly payments.


The Science of Natural Healing – Part 1 course consists of a series of 6 videos consisting of:

1 – Shifting the Health-Care Paradigm

Investigate the fundamental paradigm of Western medicine—its strength in the treatment of symptoms and its relative deemphasis on illness prevention and long-term health concerns. In contrast, consider an approach to healthcare focusing on the whole human being, integrating the elements of your environment, genes, lifestyle, nutrition, and mental/psychological makeup.

2 – Understanding Holistic Integrative Medicine

Holistic integrative medicine creates a bridge between Western medicine and the world’s other evidence-based healing traditions, making a spectrum of health-care approaches available to you. Learn the philosophy underlying integrative medicine, rooted in partnering with the patient, finding the underlying causes of disease, and caring for the body, mind, and spirit.

3 -You Are More Than Your Genes

This lecture highlights the critical relationship between your genes and how you live your life. Investigate the ways in which nutrition, lifestyle, and stress can affect the outcome of your inborn genetic makeup. Explore the fields of nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics, which study the interaction of nutrition and medications with the genes.

4 – Food Matters

Holistic integrative medicine speaks deeply to the connection between food and health outcomes. Here, track scientific findings that demonstrate how the food you eat directly affects your heart health as well as numerous medical conditions. Learn about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the kinds of foods that promote optimal health.

5 – Not All Foods Are Created Equal

Certain key foods have unique properties that set them apart as nutrition “superstars.” Starting with the importance of whole foods and fiber, study the most healthful foods in different categories, including grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and grasp how the way you cook food affects its nutritional value.

6 – Natural Approaches to Inflammation

Inflammation, a fundamental protective reaction of your body, is also a pathway to many diseases. Discover the multiple causes of chronic inflammation, from pollutants and bacteria to stress and sleep disorders. Learn how to use food as medicine, emphasising a variety of foods, herbs, and spices that prevent and/or reverse inflammation.

Course Materials

All of the materials are supplied online and in downloadable .pdf files, with assignment questions and final exam, all taken online.


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