Detoxification and Toxicology Course


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Detoxification and Toxicology Course

Course Description

Detoxification and Toxicology Diploma course 

These are the specifications of the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine’s Detoxification and Toxicology Diploma course:
1. Awarding Institution / Body: Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
2. Teaching Institution: Online and distance learning, with tutor support
3. Programme Accredited by: Complementary Medical Association, UK; Pastoral Medical Association, USA; The Affiliation of Ethical and Professional Therapists, UK.
4. Final Award Diploma in Detoxification and Toxicology – equivalent to about 150 hours of full-time study – to view a sample of the college’s award, please click here
5. Programme title: Detoxification and Toxicology Diploma
6. Course Code and level: DT502
7. Duration of programme: One semester or 16 weeks
8. Total number of study hours: 16 weeks x 12.5 hours per week = 200 hours
9. Enrolment requirements: There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds
10. Enrolment date: Unlike traditional schools, colleges or universities, there are no terms, semesters, or specified intake dates for our uniquely flexible distance education courses. Our system of continuous enrolment means that our students can enrol on any day and at any time of the year. This allows our students the freedom to plan their studies to fit in with their lifestyle or work commitments.
11. Fees: Full payment: €746 euros with 20% discount = €598 euros (saving of €148 euros)

Students of Natural or Holistic Medicine cannot become good practitioners unless they learn the meaning of toxins and their effect on health, as well as the various natural detoxification procedures for mobilizing and eliminating these from the body. Tried and tested protocols will be shared with the student based on many decades of detoxification with thousands of clients in clinical settings – many of these protocols are unique and have never before been published.


This detoxification and toxicology online course consists of the following lessons:

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Toxicity

Lesson 2: Approaches to Detoxification

Lesson 3: Physiology of Toxins

Lesson 4A: How we are exposed to Toxins
Lesson 4B: Toxins from leisure activities and travel
Lesson 4C: Toxins from medical treatments
Lesson 4D: Toxins that affect children

Lessons 5A: Sources of External Toxins
Lesson 5B: Water and Air pollution
Lesson 5C: Plant and microorganisms
Lesson 5D: Chemicals and metals
Lesson 5E: Noise, weather and altitude
Lesson 5F: Radiation, electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress

Lesson 6: Sources of Internal Toxins

Lesson 7A: Detoxification: The essence of life
Lesson 7B: Nutrients and detoxification
Lesson 7C: Diet, fasting and juicing
Lesson 7D: Exercise and bodywork
Lesson 7E: Breathing and oxygen therapy
Lesson 7F: Allergy treatment and chelation
Lesson 7G: Treating toxic metals naturally
Lesson 7H: Herbs and aromatherapy
Lesson 7I: Topical detoxification
Lesson 7J: Homeopathy and bach flower remedies
Lesson 7K: Organ cleansing
Lesson 7L: Energy balancing
Lesson 7M: Detoxification for mind and spirit
Lesson 7N: Detoxification methods for children

Lesson 8A: Ways of Preventing Toxicity
Lesson 8B: Prevention: Indoor environment
Lesson 8C: Prevention: Outdoor environment

Lesson 9: Dr Georgiou’s Total Body Alkaline Detoxification Protocol

Lesson 10: Heavy Metals: Natural Chelating Protocols

Lesson 11: Parasites: The uninvited guests

Lesson 12: Liver and gallbladder cleanse


All the study materials, downloadable lessons in .pdf format, videos, assignments and final exam are all online. The embossed and signed Detoxification and Toxicology Diploma certificate will be sent to all students worldwide.


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