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Thursday 21st – Monday 25th FEBRUARY 2019

Lecturer/Clinician: Dr George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,N.D.,D.Sc (AM)

Venue: Da Vinci Natural Health Center, Panayia Aimatousa 300, Aradippou 7101, Larnaca, Cyprus

Tel: (+357) 24-82 33 22

Start: 9 am – 6 pm (one hour break for lunch)


Bioresonance Practitioners are generally hard to come by and are highly sought after for their skills in identifying the underlying causative factors behind chronic diseases. Most are also able to treat the patient using Bioresonance therapy – a highly effective therapy when used correctly.

Now there is an opportunity to train and become certified in Bioresonance Diagnostics and Therapy, covering both the theory and practical before you qualify.

The five day intensive clinical workshop, combined with the online course in Energy Medicine and Bioresonace will allow the practitioner to become certified with the: Deta Elis Bioresonance Practitioner Diploma – Part 1.

The goal of this 5-day intensive clinical training is to help the practitioner understand all the technical aspects of bioresonance diagnosis and treatment using the DETA PHARMA and the DETA PROFESSIONAL.

The DETA PHARMA and DETA PROFESSIONAL can be ordered before arrival and these devices will be ordered on your behalf and will be stored safely at the Da Vinci Center. They will then be able to be used for the clinical training and then placed in a suitcase and safely taken back to their destination. Practitioners that have already bought their devices should bring them with them to practice.


It is a prerequisite to complete the Energy Medicine and Bioresonance online Diploma course first before attending – however, those that have already began the course and may not complete it in time for the clinical practicum may join the course but will have their Diplomas issued AFTER the completion of the online course.

No other practitioners will be accepted to the course unless they are enrolled on the online course, as much of this theory is a prerequisite to understanding the practical aspects. This theory will not be covered in the clinical course as it is focused on clinical, not theoretical aspects of Bioresonance.

The following topics will be covered and practised on the bioresonance devices:

  1.  Basic function and technical workings of the PHARMA and PROFESSIONAL
  2. The proper technique of VRT bioresonance testing
  3. Using the PHARMA and PROFESSIONAL for Bioresonance testing with Algorithms and Resonator (use of ampoules)
  4. The “difficult” patient
  5. The Significance of the Indicator Drop
  6. Testing for Parasites, Protozoa, Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses and Candida
  7. Testing for organ systems and sub-systems
  8. Determining degree of Inflammation and Degeneration in organ systems
  9. Determining the Degree of Toxicity and Blockages in the Mesenchyme
  10. Using Filters and Complex Filters to Prioritize
  11. Measuring Adaptation and Energy Reserves
  12. Measuring the Biological Index – the Health of the Mesenchyme
  13. Measuring the Photon Index
  14. Measuring the DNA Index – the Biophysical and Biochemical condition of the DNA
  15. Measuring Psychological and Psychoneurological Loads
  16. Measuring Geopathic, Electromagnetic, Radioactive, Heavy Metal Stress
  17. Measuring Nutritional Deficiencies
  18. Conducting pathogenesis testing – tracing the causal chain
  19. Using the Algorithms
  20. Food Intolerance testing
  21. Treating Food Intolerances with the PROFESSIONAL
  22. Allergy testing
  23. Treating allergies with Bioresonance Therapy on the PROFESSIONAL
  24. Using the Deta Professional/Pharma for Homeopathic/Nosode making
  25. Using the Deta Professional for Bioresonance/Electromagnetic/Quantum Light/Electroacupuncture Therapy
  26. Quadrant Testing and Therapy
  27. Using the DEINFO USB to programme the DEVITA AP and RITM
  28. Basic treatment rules when using the DEVITA AP and RITM
  29. Introduction to the COSMO
  30. Testing and treating Candida
  31. Testing and treating toxic metals
  32. Questions and Answers


Lunch will be available to order all week, including vegetarian dishes and are inclusive in the fees.

Please try to arrive by 8.45 am at the Da Vinci Center to get an early start for 9 am as there is a lot of material to cover. We are about a 15 minute taxi ride from most hotels in Larnaca – taxi drivers may call us on:

(+357) 24 – 82 33 22

Look forward to meeting with you all in person soon!

Cost: 950 Euros, inclusive of lunch and beverages for 5 days. This is inclusive of all the manuals, algorithms and training materials. There will also be a privileged “Practitioner only” access to videos of the complete course for reference and revision, along with many other learning tools.

Limited Places: There are only limited places, so please go ahead and book NOW! (only 2 places left)

If you wish to pay via bank transfer, then please write to and request our bank details.


First Practitioner Group to qualify (November 2014) from Cyprus, Greece, UK, USA, Canada, Norway and Japan


The April 2005 group – most are medical doctors from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia and Africa!


The April 2005 group busy practicing bioresonance diagnostics!


Practicing Bioresonance therapy using the DETA PROFESSIONAL!


Passionate and diligent students practicing with the DETA PROFESSIONAL!

Deta 2

January 2017 Practitioner Group:
Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK, Cyprus

W6    W10    W15

S9     W1    W17    W14

Bioresonance Practitioner in Training



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