Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine – Curriculum

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This is a summary of the Curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine – BSc (HM) – these are the compulsory courses required, unless exemption is awarded based on previous educational experience. There are a total of 9 courses required to be awarded the B.Sc (HM), with the 8 on the Compulsory list and one to be chosen by the student from the Elective list:

Compulsory List – all the following topics must be taken
Anatomy and Physiology
Pathology for Natural Medicine
Clinical Nutrition – Part 1
Herbal Medicine
Bach Flower Remedies
Naturopathic Medicine – Part 1
Energy Medicine and Bioresonance
Detoxification and Toxicology (TD502)

ONE ELECTIVE is also chosen from the following modules:
Homeopathic Medicine
Clinical Nutrition – Part 2
Naturopathic Medicine – Part 2
Holistic Psychology
Live Blood Analysis
Naturopathic Sexology (NS503)
Urinalysis and Body Fluids (UR601)
Sclerology (SC602)
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA603)
NutriGenomics and NutriGenetics
Su Jok Therapy

Even with exemptions for courses covered, a total of 8 courses must be taken to complete the requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine.

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