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This is the section of the site where you can purchase your courses for the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees.

There is a simple navigation in the right column that will show you the courses for each of the degrees and the trimesters that you will be taking them in.
You can either pay for each course outrightly, or you can set up an instalment plan and pay in 3 monthly instalments (there is a 5% additional charge for this service).

Simply purchase the courses that are part of the Enrolment Agreement that you have been sent after you made your initial online application.

There is a maximum 24-hour processing time before we send your username and password so that you can access the Moodle educational platform.

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  • Anatomy and Physiology course

    Anatomy and Physiology Course

    Aims of Programme: the Anatomy and Physiology Diploma course exists in order to enable students to:

    • Apply anatomical and physiological nomenclature to all studies of biological medicine
    • Understand the basic structure and function of the body in considerable detail
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  • Bach Flower Remedies course

    Bach Flower Remedies Course

    This Bach Flower Remedy online course will give you a thorough understanding of the Bach flower remedies so that you can begin taking histories and prescribing in clinical practice immediately upon completion of the course. The Bach Flower Remedy online course is compulsory for students enrolled in the Bachelors in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine but can also be taken as a stand-alone course where a Diploma will be awarded upon completion of the  coursework assignments. Students will learn about the history of the remedies, Dr. Bach’s philosophy, how these remedies are made, how to take a history and prescribe, details of each of the 38 remedies (Materia medica) as well as Rescue remedy, as well as how to use flower remedies with animals.

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  • Bachelors Thesis

    Bachelor’s Thesis

    One of the requirements for the Bachelors in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine is to write a Bachelor’s thesis of 120 pages minimum.

    The purpose of the Bachelro’s thesis is to prepare the student to be a professional in the discipline. Through this preparation the student learns and demonstrates the ability to conduct independent, original, and significant research. The thesis thus shows that the student is able to:

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  • biochemistry and lab

    Biochemistry and Lab course

    Much of biochemistry deals with the structures, functions and interactions of biological macromolecules, such as proteinsnucleic acidscarbohydrates and lipids, which provide the structure of cells and perform many of the functions associated with life. The chemistry of the cell also depends on the reactions of smaller molecules and ions.

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  • cell and molecular biology course

    Cellular and Molecular Biology

    Cell biology (also called cytology, from the Greek κύτος, kytos, “vessel”) is a branch of biology that studies the structure and function of the cell, which is the basic unit of life.[1] Cell biology is concerned with the physiological properties, metabolic processes, signaling pathwayslife cyclechemical composition and interactions of the cell with their environment.

    Molecular biology /məˈlɛkjʊlər/ is a branch of biology that concerns the molecular basis of biological activity between biomolecules in the various systems of a cell, including the interactions between DNARNAproteins and their biosynthesis, as well as the regulation of these interactions.

    This course in Cell and Molecular Biology contains 21 videos broken down into 7 lessons – after each lesson there are assignment questions and a final exam at the end, all online.

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  • Clinical Orthopaedic and Manual Osteopathic - Part 2 Course

    Clinical Orthopaedic and Manual Osteopathic Medicine – Part 2 Course

    The course comprises of 8 interesting lessons in video format covering all aspects of osteopathy.

    Lesson 1 – Low Back Pain Definition

    Lesson 2 – Osteopathic Principles

    Lesson 3 – Diagnostics in Osteopathy

    Lesson 4 – Osteopathic Management of Low Back Pain

    Lesson 5 – Causative Factors

    Lesson 6 – The Cause of Pain

    Lesson 7 – Osteopathic Diagnosis

    Lesson 8 – The Examination

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  • Clinical Skills - Differential Diagnosis and Primary Care Practicum course

    Clinical Skills and Differential Diagnosis Course

    This course is designed to take the student through a series of examinations of different parts of the body to determine potential pathologies and imbalances.

    This course is compulsory for the students enrolled in the Bachelors in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine course.

    This course consists of a series of 19 videos divided into 11 lessons, as follows:

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  • Clinical Skills and Practicum


    The CLINICAL SKILLS AND PRACTICUM is a pivotal and exciting time in a student’s career. You’re finally putting all the theory learned during those arduous hours on the computer into practice. You will also start to learn and sharpen your clinical skills. This is a prerequisite both for the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine.

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