Admission and Fees

Admission & Fees

The Admission and Fees Policy at the Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine is fairly straight forward – we aim to increase the diversity of our student population: we believe that diversity is educationally as well as socially desirable in a civilized society, enriching the educational experience for all.

We therefore seek to attract a wide range of applicants from different social, cultural and educational backgrounds who can demonstrate the academic ability and the skills required to succeed in their chosen studies. We actively encourage applications from students from all groups who are currently under-represented in higher education and who cannot pay the average fees of major universities.

The Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine aims to offer clear advice and guidance to prospective applicants to enable them to make informed choices and to apply to programmes appropriate to their interests, academic qualifications and potential.

Admissions Procedure

The admission and fees policy is simple and straightforward.  Here are the basic steps that all students need to follow:

  1. Identify what degree you are eligible to pursue based on previous education. School leavers would apply for the Bachelor’s degree, university graduates with an existing Bachelor’s degree can apply for the Master’s degree and graduates with an existing Master’s degree can apply for a Doctoral degree. In addition, Medical doctors, Chiropractors and Osteopaths can apply directly for the Doctoral degree, but will be assessed based on the courses they have already covered. Check our Admission and Fees policy.
  2. Download and complete the Application Form and return with your C.V or resume.
  3. Once we receive your submitted application, we will process this and prepare an Enrollment Agreement which will state all the courses you would be required to complete for the chosen degree, as well as any exemptions you would have received based on previous education.
  4. A brief Skype or phone interview may be requested from certain students to clarify certain aspects of their application, or we may write by email.
  5. Once you receive the Enrollment Agreement, you may request amendments, or sign and return to us.
  6. Once we receive your signed Enrollment Agreement, you would be officially accepted by the Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine with further instructions.



After reviewing your Enrollment Agreement detailing the courses and credits that you would be required to complete for your Degree, then calculating costs is easy.

Here are the PER CREDIT costs for the different degrees – please note that your credits can vary depending on what exemptions you may receive during our assessment. The fewer credits you are required to complete, the cheaper will be the degree.

Below is the MAXIMUM number of credits for students NOT receiving any exemption credits:

Bachelors € 50 190 €9,500
Masters € 130 50 €6,500
Doctoral € 100 100 €10,000

Payment of Fees

There are a number of ways to pay in order to make payment easy and seamless. Here are some of the choices:


Simply pay for each course as you take them – pay-as-you-go! Each course will have a variable price depending on the number of credits it is worth. Simple payment with your credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer (upon request).


It is also possible to pay for each course in 3 monthly installments using PayPal or a credit or debit card.


Students can also set up a standing order with their bank to pay for ALL their courses on a monthly basis. If this payment method is of interest, we will work out the monthly payments for each student depending on the type of degree and the number of credits required. Once you know the amount, then it is easy to set up a standing order via your bank.

Example payments per month

Bachelors degree – Approximately €275 Euros/month for 36 months

Masters degree – Approximately €445 Euros/month for 15 months

Doctoral degree – Approximately €440 Euros/month for 24 months

Cheapest on the Planet!

If you compare the prices of our degree courses in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine you will see that they are one of the cheapest on the planet – we are not out to make huge profits but to help all our students achieve a level of excellence in their chosen field – this is the legacy that we wish to leave behind!

Applications and Enrollments

All students interested in applying for degree courses, please download and complete the Application Form and send it back to us with your C.V or resume.

After receiving this material, we will review it and send back an Enrollment Agreement which will list all the courses you would be required to complete, along with any exemptions you will receive, based on past education.

As soon as you agree and sign this Enrollment Agreement, we will send you details of how to purchase courses and begin your studies immediately.